Our Services include :

End-to-end IIoT Solutions

End-to-end IIoT System Integration Services/ Solutions for multiple platforms.

Consulting Services

IIoT consulting services for scope development/strategy

IIoT Proof of Concepts

Rapid IIoT Proof of Concepts for customs Use-Cases.

Embedded System Development

Embedded System Development for any custom project

Data Analytics & Tools

Custom Data Analytics/ A. I. / Dashboards/ Reports and much more

Easy Integration

Integration of Data to 3rd party IoT clouds or Legacy Systems

Our typical Client engagement model is based on the following that has been successfully used by management team over the years:

Client engagement model

Client-engagement model in 5 simple Steps

  • 1

    Initial IIoT Consulting for Gap Analysis/ Scope

  • 2

    Offer Client a no-cost POC / Demo (typically within weeks)

  • 3

    Obtain PO for Pilot (end-to-end solution)

  • 4

    Obtain PO for complete System Integration Project ( “fixed-cost” basis)

  • 5

    Offer our IIoT Platform as a Service (PaaS)

* Project completed with a combination of off-the-shelf hardware and our proprietary hardware/solutions.