Our Solutions

Improved connectivity, efficiency & reliability at lower costs

Interoperability across platforms

Provides remote-configuration/monitoring & actions for predictive maintenance and safety

Improves convergence of IT and OT systems

Flexible and salable solutions for increased ROI

Sensor-hubs / Gateways & IIoTSuite and many more Solutions

Integrated Platform for Smart Greenhouses

Contagious Disease Screening Systems/Sensor-hubs / Gateways

Our Solution consists of

  • Intelligent Wireless Sensor-hubs with built-in Security (multiple protocols)
  • Secure Gateways (multiple protocols)
  • Secure cloud Platform (IIoTSuite) for Data Analytics / AI / Blockchain
  • Contagious Disease Screening Entrance Systems (Provisional Patent )

IIoT Suite

Integrated Platform for IIoT Device Configuration, Data Acquisition, Data Analytics & A.I./ML

Accessing information and data from remote IoT devices is extremely important to stay connected at all times. This becomes even more challenging when you have to manage data from multiple devices & protocols spread between various remote assets. IIoT Labs’ IIoTSuite is an end-to-end cloud-based ecosystem for configuring, connecting and controlling devices/assets with an integrated AI platform.

IIoTSuite offers the following features:

  • Secure, fully configurable Integrated Cloud platform for any IIoT verticals and is compatible for multiple protocols.
  • Configure any 3rd party IoT device for data acquisition and data push to our IIoTSuite platform.
  • Communicate and control all remote devices/assets connected to IIoTSuite.
  • Configure for mobile alerts based on pre-defined data limits from remote devices.
  • Can be easily integrated into 3rd party Enterprise solutions.
  • Analyze data using the built-in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning module. (http://www.ailabs.inc)
  • Our Powerful Minsky AI Engine provides Custom AI Solutions for Customer Retention/Winbacks, Supply Chain Management, Insurance Fraud Detection and Health care verticals
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports as shown in the Image,