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Smart Greenhouse / Agriculture :

In most tropical nations, the utilization of greenhouse has been developed for cost-effective farming to increase overall yields and crop quality.

The effectiveness of plant creation inside greenhouse depends fundamentally on the conformity of ideal atmosphere development conditions to attain to high return at low cost, great quality and low natural burden.To attain these objectives a few parameters, for example, light, temperature and humidity, soil moisture, nutrient levels must be controlled precisely.

The Challenge: With the current Global changes in weather patterns, it is very challenging to maximize outputs without having a fully controlled/ automated ecosystem for crops. This is even more important for high-value crops like Cannabis plants that require a precise balance of light, temperature, C02, and soil conditions to thrive and produce maximum yields in both quality and quantity.

The Solution: Automation creates efficiency and eliminates the opportunity for human error and inconsistencies. IIoT Labs, Inc. can help you define a new vision for your Smart Greenhouses with a seamless, secure & scalable IIoT network infrastructure (from sensors/data acquisition devices to cloud services) that will help customers improve operational efficiency, productivity & agility.  IIoT labs provide Integrated IIoT platform ( ) to provide a precise,  end-to-end indoor agriculture growing solution including Design, hardware configuration, installation, data integration, and solution deployment services.

Out typical services include:

Design of end-to-end solutions

Solutions for Agro/Utilities/Manufacturing verticals

Rapid Prototyping for custom use-cases

Custom Prototyping as per requirement

System Integration | Deployment

Deployment Services as per requirement of use-cases

Data integration to IIoTSuite

for Remote device configuration Data Analytics / AI

Custom Dashboards/ Reporting

Dashboard to monitor the Working

and many more...


  • Automatically control environmental conditions within greenhouse allowing any type of plants to grown all year round
  • Eliminates risk of greenhouse not being maintained at specific environmental conditions due to human error
  • Minimizes labor costs involved in maintaining a greenhouse
  • Customer able to define specific green house conditions for maximized outputs